Plush and functional offices of corporate. Shopping outlets of a first generation shop buyer or sprawling premises of famous retail chains. Storage facilities of seasoned traders or super-specialty offices of professional experts. The ultimate aims of strategic investments in commercial enterprises are threefold:

1. Extracting Maximum Output

2. In Minimum Time

3. At an Increasing Rate

Commercial office spaces for rent and sale in Pune

What is your risk Factor?

Business units are always well-advertised…
So how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

The unknowns in commercial space buying are almost infinite. And a guessing game could get you in trouble. The simple way to get around all surprises is to invest some time in understanding every-thing about the property, before you actually invest in the property. It’s important to see through property brochures, and ask the right questions to know what is NOT there!

Here’s a simple thumb rule. Demand three things –
Facts, More Facts and Even more facts

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Question Tour Common Assumptions

1Assumption 1

Road facing retail stores, or highway-located offices are ideal for investment. Sure they are! But have you inquired the following?

  • What are the arrangements for regular maintenance and housekeeping?
  • Will the maintenance quality be consistent over – say 5 years?
  • Is your potential shop located at a convenient location for your customers?

2Assumption 2

An aesthetically perfect office with the right functionalists can make the vital first impression on the client and my staff. Will it? Let’s ask…

  • What are the arrangements for regular maintenance?
  • What are the arrangements for regular maintenance? Will the maintenance quality be consistent over – say 5 years?
  • What are the measures undertaken for security?

3Assumption 3

Is it close to your client base located? (for office spaces)

  • Is it near a well-known landmark? Or will your customers / clientele have to roam around for hours before they find you?
  • Does the commercial property have enough parking space?
    What would the parking scene be in peak traffic?

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