We are a simple construction company in Pune, run by people with big real estate experience. It’s also home to experts in various fields of real estate development, and very frequently, it’s a place where we celebrate homecoming of our clients. Best thing about our company is that our clients like to call us by our first names!

Now if you thought we would tell you all about ourselves without hiding anything, you are right! At Eklavya Builders we like to build trust by telling the truth. And in the process, we love to place you in your dream property as soon as possible! In fact, we have a whole lot of ideas and a whole bunch of people to help you with it.

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And, of course,we have a secret technique to do that.

It’s called “being slightly inquisitive”

Yes. Expect a lot of questions from us. Hundreds of them, in fact. Why? Well, investing in property – whether as a home buyer, a businessperson or a corporate decision maker – has never been as easy as a ramp-walk. The considerations are infinite…market fluctuations, your family’s needs, the formalities and legalities of the plot, clauses in the deal, financial management, your buying objectives, and so on and forth.

Our job is to place tough questions…

Our only objective at Eklavya is to give you the best and highest quality real estate deal in the least investment, and to strike off worries from your dairies! That’s what the questions are for. We want to know you, your requirements, your core and auxiliary objectives, your short- and long-term objectives to customize our services.

Besides,it also helps you discover and explore the possibilities and strike where there’s gold!

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This calls for a bit of super finicky-ness!

It’s also called “consulting experts!”

Real estate deals must be based on sound knowledge of market trends, comparative property analyses and perfect financial planning. It should also be topped up with efficient and professional after-sales service. At Eklavya Builders, we have a team of experts who can guide you from the moment you step into our office, through administrative documentation and protocols, right till you are satisfied with your property. With a Single Point of Contact throughout your deal and post your buying, we aim to provide you more than just a wonderful property…a wonderful buying experience.

Go on! Ask us what’s even more special about us?

How about eco-friendly development?

Our ideal of development is not glass and concrete jungles at all. Environment protection and preservation is not just encouraged, but enforced in our projects. Along with this, every project by Eklavya has built-in systems for conservation of energy, and utilizing natural energy sources. Waste management techniques and Vermiculture Plants are a given too. Here’s a little list of standard eco-conscious components of our projects…

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